9" Sediment Filter Tank
  • 9" Sediment Filter Tank

9" Sediment Filter Tank-Heavy Turbidity


Dirt Master 9"x48" tank 1 cu ft

Backwashing Sediment Filter. For when your dirt and sediment is too much for a replaceable cartridge.

Layered filter media will remove different sizes of particles in this maintenance-free backwashing filter.

Made in America:  Custom-made for exactly the type of water filtration you need.  

Questions? Please call a friendly water tech at 1-800-684-0979.

Optional Outdoor Cover
Bypass Valve

Dirt Master 9"x48" tank 1.0 cubic ft

S+H $90.00

Fully automatic and self-cleaning. Once it is set up, this filter will take care of itself. 

Backwashing filters must be sized correctly for your flow rate. Please contact one of our friendly experts to help you decide if this is the right filter for you. 

 Questions? Please call 1-800-684-0979


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