• Demand Water Softener 1.0 Cubic Foot w/ Reverse Osmosis

1.0 Cubic Foot Demand Water Softener w/ Reverse Osmosis


1.0 Cubic Foot Demand Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis Drinking System S&H $105.00 Ultra Soft Conditioned Water that makes your skin and clothes so soft. "On Demand" saves you money on the amount of salt (or potassium) you use. It only cleans when it needs to. The average customer adds salt only once a year when properly applied. Questions? Call toll free 800-684-0970.

Optional Outdoor Cover
Bypass Valve
Quick Connect Kit

PREMIUM Grade 1.0 Cubic foot sofener is 30,000 grain capacity. Replace Culligan, Raisoft, Rayne, Eco Water and all other brands. Softener measures 9"x48". Add 7" inches more height to allow for electronic control on top of softener tank. Premium model 4 stage revserse losmosis fits easily under kitchen sink, or in the basement or crawl space. 50 Gallons per day of pure luxurios drinking water. Unit is powerful and can provuide clean drinking water at both kitchen sink and refridgerator. The Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System purifies your water and removes sodium left behind by softeners and conditioners. Removes unwanted contaminants from drinking water such as chorine, salt, dirt, heavy metals, chemicals, nitrates, arsenic, TDS, dissolved solids etc. Saves money on coffee, teas and juices. Replaces ALL name brand water softeners and provides the same, or better quality of water.

Questions? Call toll free 800-684-0970 and a friendly water tech will answer all of your questions. They won't ask you to buy anything. They will just help you. Call now.


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